Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've been bit by a bug! The bag bug. I've been sewing little project bags and needle bags, and they are such fun.

I've been knitting too - got some new socks on the needles. So, of course, I had to sew a project bag for them [laughing]. Then I needed a project bag for my Jewel Lacy Top. And then I needed a ONE big knitting needle case cos I was sick of searching endlessly through all my little make-shift needle cases.

Then my friend, Roxanne, jumped on the wagon, and asked for a bag for her tapestry threads. She loved it so much she asked me to make her a knitting needle case too.

So, here's the results of my labour:

Project Bag 3

Project Bag 4

Tapestry Yarn Bag

Knitting Needle Case 1

Knitting Needle Case 2

I'm quite the pro now. Maybe I should go into business?? If only I didn't already own one [laughing].

Yesterday we held our end of season staff break-up party. We had a fabulous bbq, and a great night! I baked dessert. What do you think I made? Yup, my signature pavlova:

That's it; that's all :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life in the Creative Lane...

Despite work bogging me down [punn intended] I had time to do some much loved things this last week.

On Monday I planted! A grass garden for around our Inuksuk [glorified bird house]. I chose native grasses because of the birds, and designed the garden to look like a snake. The Inuksuk is of course made of wood, but he does stand over 8 feet tall!

On Wednesday I baked! Nothing fit for royalty, but none-the-less some good home-style baking. I made some chocolate chip muffins. There's a funny story behind the chocolate chip muffins. Every time this year that I made muffins or a birthday cake for one of my staff, Dave (salesman extraordinaire) always askd "where are the chocolate chips"? So, with this in mind, I made him the world's biggest chocolate chip muffin! Of course the staff hassled him and complained about favouritism and brown nosing [laughing].

On Thursday I shopped! Our mission was to get to Cannadale Garden Center's Customer Appreciation Weekend. And we weren't disappointed. We got some fabulous plants, and our staff built this lovely little garden from them. Total cost: $100 (including the cedar chips)!

On Saturday I sewed! Yep, I dragged out my old faithful Singer and whipped up some totally awesome knitting project bags. I found some great fabric - chocolate brown with knitting needles all over it! What was a girl to do but make project bags.

On Sunday I knitted! And much to my delight, I finished off my Seagreen Easy Goings socks. I used Lornas Laces sock yarn in the Huron colorway. This is the second time I knit a short row heel and love it! Thankfully I don't have a high arch, so the short row heels fits me just fine. I also improvised a little and added a bit of cabling to the instep.

Then on Monday I baked again! This time I built a pavlova for a pot luck dinner. It was delicious, as was all the food! Knitters sure can cook well [smiling].

Of course the week was not all fun. Afterall, I have a business to run. But, quite honestly, I don't remember a more creative week. And it felt GOOD!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

These Socks Were Made for Walking

...and that's just what they'll do.....

My new socks that is. I cast them on last week, and completed them last night.

So, OK, they are only shortie sneaker socks, but another project is completed and ready for wearing [smile]. And it's still summer....or is it??

This was an easy knit pattern. Although a five row pattern repeat, it was simple to remember. The most notable thing for me is that this is my first short row heel with wraps! And I must say that I LOVE SHORT ROW HEELS. Up until my Shibui Reds, I'd always knit a heel flap and picked up stitches for a gusset. Somewhat painful when knitting two socks at a time on circs.

With this pattern, I did knit a short heel flap since they are short little ankle biters. The pattern, Summer Sneakers No.1 "Lotta" by Wollhuhn, called for a short row heel of my choice. So I followed along with Cat Bordhi's - Wrapping & Turning, Concealing Wraps YouTube video. It was brilliant!

I'm a convert!

Since these socks were knit from Lang Jawoll Color Aktion (cotton), I used the supplied reinforcing cotton and held both strands together for the heels and toes.

So, without further ado, I present to you my Jaywoll Sneaker Socks:

The next technique I'd like to learn is toe up socks. Maybe over the winter months when I have room in my head for something new [heh!].