Saturday, June 19, 2010

Em's Blu-ange Chullo

Last week at this time I was on the phone to my family in Australia.  The whole gang was there.  They had gathered at Mum and Dad's in Grafton to celebrate Mother's Day, Mum's birthday, my brother's birthday and my niece Karlia's birthday.  And yes, according to another niece, Emily (6yr old), there was indeed three birthday cakes!  I asked her which cake she liked the taste of most.  She diplomatically answered that they were ALL the best.

When I spoke with my sister, I asked her what gift I could knit for Emily for her birthday in July.  She suggested that I knit her a beanie (translation = toque) with earflaps. 

When I was on the phone to Emily I told her to keep an eye on the letterbox for a BIG package from Canada that would be arriving for her in a few weeks.  She was of course very excited.  Then she told me that she knew what I was going to send her.  I queried how she could possibly know.  She replied that I was sending her knitting.  When I asked her how she knew that, she replied "Aunty Isa, you always send me knitting".  I giggled and told her that I might not send her knitting this year.  She insisted that she knew what colour I was going to knit for her.  I asked her how she could possibly know since I didn't even know yet.  She reminded me then that her favourite colours are orange, blue and the rainbow!

So whether it was fated or not, I present:

Emily's Blu-ange Chullo

And, in the immortal words of Monty Python, now for something completely different...

Apparently, I might be old and faded, but I'm not beyond being a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding!  Ugh!  C'mon now...really?  A dress and shoes?  Ugh...ugh!  The last time I wore a bridesmaid dress was in 1985.  It was hideous.  Long, with puffy lace sleeves, a hoop in the bottom and lime green in colour.  Eeeeew!

My friend's wedding is scheduled for 2011 in September and will be held in our own lovely gardens at The Bloomin Bog.  Oh man..........  I haven't worn high heeled shoes and a dress for 11 years.

So there's the news this end.  I'm off now to start a new knitting project.  And I have absolutely NO IDEA what it will be!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Coupla FOs

Time is not my friend at the moment.  So many things are pulling me in all sorts of directions, and it's hard to find a few minutes to sit down and be quiet.

Tonight I didn't have to cook - that's my Sunday "reward".  So that means I have a small window of opportunity to blog.

Not that there's anything much to blog about, but I did finish two projects since my last post.

Last month I knit a vest for my lovely little niece Karlia.  Her birthday is next week, and she'll be turning 7.  You'd be correct in thinking that you've seen this pattern before.  I wrote the pattern for my other lovely little niece, Jaycee who turned 5 in April.

Karlia's vest was knit from Diamond Yarn Fine Merino Superwash DK.  It knit up very nicely, but when I washed it to block it....UGH.  The vest GREW quite long!  Very disappointing.  I hope it still fits Karlia and doesn't become a dress!

Here's the finished project:

Last month I got a new cell phone - a Sony Ericcson.  So I decided I needed a sweet little cozy for it.  I bought some glass beads, and used some left over Koigu from the Gerlinde Fingerless Gloves.

This project was mindless and took no time at all to finish.