Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Great Cables Sweater

Sometimes something happens that is so remarkable, that even the most cynical of us have to rub our eyes and look twice!

Well, this is one of those situations.

I’m assuming you guys are already sitting down since you’re in front of your puters…..

My bugger of a Great Cables jumper {=sweater} is finally finished! I know, I know…….you don’t believe me right??

Let me back-track a bit. It all started on a sunny warm day in July (I don’t remember the year)…..OK, OK…2006. Our LYS was having a 20% off SALE, and I bought a pattern book and 11 skeins of Philosopher’s 2 ply yarn. I’d only ever knit jumpers throughout my years, and this one looked like a real challenge.

Although a bit fiddly (note to self: hate bobbles), it knitted up fairly quickly within six to seven months. All that was left to do was sewing it together and sewing in the umpty-leven gazillion yarn tails. A day’s work or less….

Now this is the sad part {passing around tissues}. That jumper sat in my cupboard for 15 months before I finally pulled it out and sewed the bloody thing together. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that I hate HATE sewing things together……I’d rather just knit. Knitting is a stress buster for me and I find it calming. Sewing things together causes stress. In fact, “they” should put a warning on all patterns and yarn – SEWING GARMENTS TOGETHER MAY CAUSE STRESS!

And now it’s the start of March 2008. My great cables jumper is finished, and ironically, so is the cold weather!