Monday, June 7, 2010

Coupla FOs

Time is not my friend at the moment.  So many things are pulling me in all sorts of directions, and it's hard to find a few minutes to sit down and be quiet.

Tonight I didn't have to cook - that's my Sunday "reward".  So that means I have a small window of opportunity to blog.

Not that there's anything much to blog about, but I did finish two projects since my last post.

Last month I knit a vest for my lovely little niece Karlia.  Her birthday is next week, and she'll be turning 7.  You'd be correct in thinking that you've seen this pattern before.  I wrote the pattern for my other lovely little niece, Jaycee who turned 5 in April.

Karlia's vest was knit from Diamond Yarn Fine Merino Superwash DK.  It knit up very nicely, but when I washed it to block it....UGH.  The vest GREW quite long!  Very disappointing.  I hope it still fits Karlia and doesn't become a dress!

Here's the finished project:

Last month I got a new cell phone - a Sony Ericcson.  So I decided I needed a sweet little cozy for it.  I bought some glass beads, and used some left over Koigu from the Gerlinde Fingerless Gloves.

This project was mindless and took no time at all to finish.

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