Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gathering of Sticks and String


Last evening at The Bloomin Bog a wee group of friends gathered for an S&B, a BBQ and a Canada Day celebration.  The binding yarn thread - friendship, a love of knitting, and all things to do with sticks and string!

The weather was perfect - a wonderful sunny 20C, no humidity, and a gentle breeze.  Even the bities had a day off [nodding upwards and giving thanks!]

Amidst the pouring of wine, the clicking of needles and the laughter of women-folk (barr Deb's brilliant man-slave, Dan), the BBQ sizzled and the aroma of wonderful salads, sausages and steak filled the air.  Mmmm......BBQ...... 

Following the culinary delights that only a pot luck and BBQ could offer, our group of 15 wandered down to the back yard where we set up to knit and nibble on donuts and these cute little sheep (made from cherry chip cake, sprinkles and liccorice)!  They were good!

As the fire subsided Dan braved the super hot flames and embers and made us all marshmallow smores graham cracker thingies.  They were good too!  I believe there may be videographic evidence of me eating my first one ever.  Let's hope that never sees the light of day Rebecca [chuckle].

Around 9pm we figured it was time to start a fire for our fireworks. Ably led by Barb and Erinkate [Girl Guide Extraordinaire and Scout Leader], and a candle flame from Laurie, a crackling fire warmed the air. The smell of fire soon brought out my fire-bug Nick and his never-ending supply of wood.  Our sweet little fire grew into a rip roaring bon-fire.

Right at dusk we let the firecrackers rip. A zinger here and there, a coupla rockets, some awesome fountains, a comet or two and a screamer. Wish I’d thought of sparklers.....:-(

We were missing a few friendly faces – peeps with previous engagements. Wish you could have all been here. But one friendly face in particular was absent, and she shoulda been there since the party was her brain-child – Kat we really missed you!

Thank you everyone for your part in making yesterday’s gathering a wonderful event!


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