Monday, September 13, 2010

Christmas in September

On 11th September I went on a fabulous road trip to the Kitchener/Waterloo Knitters' Fair.  Our driver was Laurie, and the passenger list was supposed to be rounded out with Barb and Erinkate.  Unfortunately, after counting down the sleeps to the big event, Erinkate had a small family emergency and couldn't make it.  If I were Erinkate, I'd have been totally devastated!

Laurie blogged wonderfully about the Fair here.

I couldn't imagine not attending the Knitters' Fair.  It's truly like Christmas in September!  When I was little, Christmas was steeped in tradition with few gifts, great merriment and much to be thankful for.  For me, the Knitter's Fair is just like that...BUT....all the Chrissie pressies under the tree have my name on them!

This year, I adopted a conservative approach to yarn shopping at the Fair, having just attended the Needle Emporium's Tent Sale a few weeks prior.  In fact, I was overheard mumbling something about "going to look and touch only".  See, my intentions were good :-)

BUT who can resist a bargain??  And there were some good ones to be had if you searched hard enough.

Here's my little Fair haul:

Knitters' Fair Haul

So, the two giant skeins of natural yarn (left) are Blue Faced Leicester 2/8 from Gemini Fibres.  Each has 1000yds and I got them for $18 each!!!!  $18!!  That was a steal.  When I bought this yarn two years ago (to knit Vicky Tempest), I paid $37.98 per skein!

The longer brown skein (middle) is alpaca lace from Alpaca Acres.  This is destined to become a cowl - I already have the pattern for it.

The two smaller natural coloured balls and the lighter brown one (middle) are alpaca DK from Inca.  They are destined to become a stranded hat.

The plastic bag containing the teal blue and coffee coloured skeins (right front) are 50/50 mohair/merino from Wellington Fibres.  This kit has a pattern included for a stranded pair of mittens.  I went back to their booth after lunch to get a second kit, but alas....they were sold out.

And the lovely little kit wrapped in cellophane (top right) contains two skeins of gray alpaca, some bamboo dpns, some lavender hand lotion and a little coth bag filled with soap nuts.  Soap nuts are the laundry soap and fabric softener made by Mother Nature!

My day at the Fair was wonderful.  Thank you Laurie and Barb!

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