Monday, December 13, 2010

Sandi Pandi Yarn has Arrived

Finally my package of Fabulous Felines yarn arrived from  It got caught up in Canada Customs, and yes, they hit me with HST and duty...[grumble, grumble]

I bought two skeins of other Fabulous Felines yarn - Monet and Fidgesaurus Rex, but the yarn I was really looking forward to was that of my darling little Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch.

What amazingly soft and shooshy yarn!  I *love, love, love* it!  Sandi and Shelby have sniffed it from top to bottom and they approve!

I'm going to design a pattern for the yarn, so keep your eyes out for it!  Given the yardage and that it's chunky weight, I'm thinking a cowl.  I don't think there's enough for a hat.

Shawn, the winner of a skein of this yarn, has already knit up a gorgeous cowl from it - the Quickie Cowl by Fawn Pea.  You can see it here.  Nice job Shawn!

Thank you again to Deb from Yarnmarket for the wonderful honor bestowed on Sandi Pandi!

While I think about a suitable pattern for her yarn, here are some pics of Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch:

Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch Yarn

Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch Yarn

Sandi Pandi with her yarn

Shelby with Sandi Pandi Yarn

Shelby wanted his photo taken too - he doesn't like the special attention Sandi's getting :-)

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