Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm ticked!  Something simple that should have taken minutes wasted hours!

Stupid Tripod.

But I persevered and finally got the better of a frustrating uploading glitch at OzB's Patterns Website.  I uploaded my pdf in a different way.  So there Tripod!! [sticking out tongue]

I would like to present my newest FO, Very Best Vest (VBV).

I designed this vest with some inspiration from “Hilja”, a vest pattern written by Niina Hakkarainen.

VBV is knit from the bottom up in the round until the V neck and armholes; then it is knit flat. VBV is a snug fitting vest that utilises waist decreasing and bust increasing on the rows between the Fair isle patterns.

The vest will fit a 34-37ins bust. To make the vest smaller, you could go down a needle size. Similarly, to make it bigger, increase the needle size.

Yardage will vary according to gauge. I used about 600 yds of MC and about 120 yds of CC.

So without further ado, VBV:

Now I'm off to knit some on my 22 leaves shawlette by Lankakomero. 

I'm also wanting to cast on Through the Woods... by Kalurah, but I have to dye the yarn first!

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