Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Fair Was Good To Me (Image Heavy)

Or was I good to the Fair?  Hmm... [laughing]

2011 marked the 160th anniversary of the Ilderton Fall Fair.  To my thinking, such a monumental occasion deserved equal monumental input from me!  So what did I do?  I entered a whopping 20 items in two categories!  The "homecraft/knitting" division received 14 knitted items, and the "food department" received six goodies.

This morning Barb and I shuffled through the Ilderton Fair's exhibit buildings expressing the appropriate oohs and aahs.  We put on brave faces, but it was very c-c-c-cold!  Under the main exhibit building is an ice arena!  Brrrrr...

My cold and red hands could barely hold the camera steady to take photos.  My hot breath warmed my fingers enough to take the necessary 13 pictures!  I won 15 ribbons in total - 9 x 1sts; 5 x 2nds; and 1 x 3rd!!  Whoot!

Baby Surprise Jacket - 2nd
Clepsydra Hat & Mitts - 2nd
Dark Mark Illusion Scarf - 1st
Felted Boots - 1st
Felted Aran Mittens - 1st
Sunflower Handtowel Topper - 1st
Ilene Bag - 2nd
Aunty Isa Monkey - 1st
Rayna Booties - 2nd
Seneca - 1st
VBV (Very Best Vest) - 1st
Socks - Vickies - 1st
Xmas Ball - 3rd
I also got a 1st for my Eggs Florentine and a 2nd for my Maple Panne Cotta.

So another Fair bites the dust [big heavy sigh].  Time for a little R&R.  I'm pooped.

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