Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I'm an optimist, so let's start with the GOOD.

Yesterday morning I finished the Heather Hoodie Vest I was working on.  I'm delighted with the end result.

Pumpkin Pie Hooded Vest
Headwater Wool (Daina)
6 skeins = 984yds (899m)

And now for the BAD.

Remember the wonderful Briar Rose "Robusta" yarn that was hand dyed for me in the "chocolate swirls" colourway?  That yarn was for Harwood by Sarah Hutton.  I've been frothing at the bit to knit this coat.  So, yesterday afternoon I spent hours researching the project, making notes, charting the complex cable patterns (it's annoying when patterns aren't charted) and knitting the swatch.

Last night I cast on the back.  I knit about 5 inches before I took the time to really look at it.  Oh, so disappointing.  If I strained to see, I could just make out the beautiful cables!  How frustrating.  Maybe in the daylight it would look better.......

No.  It did not.

So I ripped it back.  Now I`m on a new coat quest to find a pattern suitable for this wonderful yarn.

And lastly, the UGLY.  Totally unrelated to knitting actually.  I`d been having issues with blogger since I updated it.  Today I spent the whole morning removing gadgets, trying new templates, changing the formatting and styles, and still my blog kept crashing.  There was nothing for it but to update to the new look blogger, and upgrade to GOOGLE CHROME.

I must say that Google Chrome is super fast, and so far so good.  Having successfully wasted two hours sorting out the blog and IE, I`m now returning to my coat quest.

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