Friday, March 21, 2008


Our passions can take us on some wild rides at times. Personally, I believe that every one of us should be passionate about as many things in life as possible. Especially these days with mounting stresses, burnout syndrome and very fast-paced lifestyles.

If you'll pardon the platitude "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

All of us should look deep within our hearts and souls to find what "turns us on". What makes you want to scream your cause from atop the highest peak? What is it that makes you feel alive?

Have you ever noticed that those who "feel" the most are most passionate about life and in turn, have many passions?

I'm one of those wretched souls that is too emotional about most everything - not only do I cry when I'm sad, but also when I'm over-joyed or extremely proud of someone. Awww hell, I admit it that I'm pathetic and even cry when I catch an episode of DOOL!

I have many passions, and 2008 launched a global awareness program that is very dear to me: The Year of The Frog (TYTF). I simply adore those cold-blooded little amphibians [except for the ugly, disgusting, gross plague of Australia, the cane toad!].

"The main goal of TYTF campaign is to generate public awareness and understanding of the amphibian extinction crisis which represents the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity".

Why do we need to conserve our amphibians?

1. Amphibian species are becoming extinct at a pace faster than anything humanity has ever experienced.
2. Up to 50% of the approximate 6,000 known amphibian species are threatened.
3. Many people do not know that amphibians are declining and how threatened they are.
4. Amphibians are indicators of environmental health, and important components of ecosystems.
5. Amphibians are contributors to human health. They provide vital bio medicines, including compounds that are being refined for analgesics and antibiotics.

Via The Bloomin Bog, I plan to organise the following fund-raising activities on behalf of TYTF:
  • frog photo contest
  • frog colouring-in contest
  • raffle
  • promotion, awareness and education through the distribution of brochures and pamphlets

We have at least six varieties of frog at The Bloomin Bog, and we've noticed first hand their decline in numbers over the last five years. Typical species you'll spot at our water gardens include: the Bullfrog, the common Toad, the Spring Peeper, the Leopard Frog, the Pickerel Frog, the Tetraploid Gray Tree Frog, and the Green Frog. Here's a link to them all!

Many of my fund-raising activities will be directed towards children, because they are the ones who will inherit the earth; they are our future!

Keep an eye on my blog for updates. You will also find information on The Bloomin Bog website.

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