Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bonza Felted Bag

You know how we end up with all those bits of yarn and half-used balls? Well, I've got my fair share of them too. I have sent bag-fulls of the stuff to Goodwill in the past. But I've always thought that there must be something I could knit that would use up LOTS of it all at once [equals - I'm not keen on knitting little things to use up yarn].

I was roaming around on Ravelry the other day [OK, I admit it - I'm on Ravelry every day....] and since I'm a bit of an organisational freak was already searching for a neat Mothers Day knit. Yeah, I know MD isn't until May, but my Mum's in Australia, and I'm in Canada, so I have to allow three weeks for Canada Post to get my item to the other side of the world!

During my raveling, I came across a felted bag pattern that I just know my Mum will love.

My Mum is like the world's most eco-friendly greenie that I know! Not only does she pack all her groceries into washable fabric bags, but she washes dishes in a bucket so she can use the gray water for her plants. She also washes and saves every little piece of aluminium foil and cling-wrap for re-use! Yup, she is the queen of pack-ratting too! She saves everything and anything! When she sends me birthday and Christmas gifts, I recognise the paper wrapping from 20 years ago!

So, when I give her a hand-knitted, felted bag made from 100% wool AND from all my left-over yarn, she will be absolutely delighted!

I've got bits of everything: boku, mission falls, philophers, misti alpaca, cascade, manos, Australian merino and patons merino. The pattern is really easy and should be a quick and mindless knit. Perfect for those Knit London get-togethers at Wortley Roadhouse!