Monday, April 28, 2008

Knitter's Frolic and Then Some...

Wow, it's been AGES since I blogged. Since the water garden season began, I have zero time - less than zero - negative something..... It's insane.

Knitting withdrawal had definitely started to set in.

But just as I was entering my slump, a small miracle! I was invited on a road-trip to none other than ...........



What an awesome, fabulous, bonza-terrific day! What didn't we do that day??? WOW! We started off at the Knitters Frolic, then had lunch on Queen Street, then we ventured into Romni Wools, found our way to the Knit Cafe, and ended at....IKEA??? What the?? Oh yah...that's right.....Lynn's [sorry Kat.....I shamlessly blamed her!] secret little affair took us on a wee detour...[hehehe].

The Knitters Frolic was truly a marvellous cocktail of yarns, fibres, fleece, rovings, knitting accessories, sweaters that made us go mmmm..., and of course frenzied shoppers.

I oggled, touched, fondled, stroked, petted and felt up everything every fiber and yarn available. I shopped at The Black Lamb, Shelridge Farm, The Knit Cafe, Red Bird Knits, Goodbuyyarn, and Needles & Pins.

Here's my haul:

Romni Wools was like a sensory overload! I've never seen so much yarn in one place! I covered every bloody square inch of that place. If you're ever in Toronto, it's definitely a MUST SEE.

After surviving Romni Wools, we felt like we needed to sit a while, have a cuppa and reflect on our splendiferous day. What better place than the Knit Cafe. That place has some totally squeezable yarn. Just check it all out:

Oh jeez, how did these two get in my picture......[lol]


For more info about the Frolic, visit Kat's blog - she's described our road trip really well!

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