Saturday, June 28, 2008

Victoria Moss Update

It's Saturday evening. I've just finished feeding all the goldfish and koi, and am sitting down for a bit before I start dinner. And you just know I'm not alone - keeping me company is my delicious KitKat - right from the fridge....the break you have when you're not having a break!

Having charged up my camera batteries for the umpty gazillionth time [note to self: next time, don't listen to the sales rep and just get a digital camera with a lithion battery...] I snapped away at my gardens, my ponds, my koi, my cats and Vicky M [affectionately known as Victoria Moss Tempest].

I don't like this Kodak Z712IS camera model as much as the other two Kodak digitals I've owned. The photos just aren't as crisp even though it's a 7mp vs my 3.1mp and 5mp models. This camera was supposed to be the STEP UP camera from my last one [that met with an untimely death when faced with a small part of the Pacific Ocean and my 2yr old niece]....The price was less than half the previous one, and so is the quality.

But enough of my whining....let's look at some pics:

My beautiful koi at feeding time

One of my many ponds

The muggleworts - Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch &
Shelby Belby Double Trouble

Vicky M

Oh KitKat package is empty....oh God please let there be more chocolate in the fridge!

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