Sunday, August 3, 2008

Would I Knit a Hood?

If I could, I would.....

And I should.

So, yes! Yes I will knit a hood....

And a good hood it will be!

But only because my 3.4 year old niece, Jaycee Mae, is such a sweetie, and I’m her Aunty and Godmother and love her!

Mission assigned, my pattern search on Ravelry began. Hours later I had it – Kid’s Hoodie designed by Betsy Westman. And lookie here….what a coincidence….one of the categories in the 157th Ilderton Fall Fair's hand knitting division is for a Child’s Hooded Sweater! Hah! What a kwinky dink!!!

Yup, yup, yup….I’m one of THOSE people that *loves* country fall fairs. Every year for the last five, I’ve entered my baking, violets and knitting! I’ve got a whack of ribbons and prizes, but the ONE category I strive to win is the Country Fair Baking Contest. This year I’m going for the “hat trick” with my Black Forest Cherry Cake. In 2003 & 2004 I won 1st place ribbons. Then in 2005 I won a 2nd place (and deservedly so). In 2006 & 2007 I made a comeback and won 1st place ribbons. And now it’s 2008 – my second chance to score the trifecta!

Black Forest Cherry Cake 2007

Oops! Got a bit side-tracked there. Now getting back to the hoodie... My next search was for the perfect yarn. The pattern called for a worsted weight Lana Grossa yarn, but I decided to sub the yarn for Cascade 220. And what colour is Jaycee Mae’s favourite colour? Ugh! PINK! Well of course it is….

Since the hoodie is knit in stockinette stitch, I decided that a variegated yarn would be much nicer than a solid colour, so I phoned my LYS and picked up some Cascade 220 Dip Dyed Confetti #601 [ya, ya….fancy for variegated pink]. I wound the skeins last night, and swatched straight away. Perfect tension! I cast on while enjoying a re-run mini marathon of Sex and The City, and despite the colour, the pink is looking rather … nice … EEK! Did I just write that? [note to self: don’t ever let me year you say that pink is nice again!].

I’m making a little change to the pattern - professional rib cast-ons for all the ribbings using smaller sized needles instead of the usual cast-on method and the same sized needle as for the body.

Thus far:

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