Friday, August 1, 2008

Knit 1, Split 2, Curse 3 ...

As the dust in my lounge-room is settling, and the tips of my circs are cooling, I am nibbling on my super cold KitKat, lounging out on my recliner, and smiling A BIG SMILE.


There were many doubting Thomases [including me at one point], but somehow I managed to knit like greased lightning and finished Sonia’s Socks of Aggression Kindness in time for her birthday. Actually her birthday isn’t until 16th August, but since I have to post her gift to Australia, I always have to allow two weeks for delivery.

I really enjoyed the socks of kindness pattern; it was easy to memorize despite the 12 row repeat. What wasn’t enjoyable was the very sharp 2.25mm KnitPicks Options circular knitting needles. The yarn I used was Fleece Artist Merino Sock 2/6 - an absolutely beautiful yarn. But, together with the very pointy needles, it split awfully when I was doing some of the SSKs and K2togs. If I’d been knitting on dpns or one circ things mightn’t have been so bad. But, I was knitting two socks at a time on circs, and believe me, one does not want to tink backwards on two circs!

In hindsight, I wouldn’t use such a strongly variegated yarn again for the socks of kindness. The lovely pattern was almost completely lost in the bright variegated shades of purple. Since the yarn is so amazing on its own, I’m going to choose a much simpler pattern [or none at all!] when I knit socks again from Fleece Artist Merino.

I also found that the Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 does not have as much stretch in it as other sock yarns. Even though I had the same number of stitches [I’m a 60st sock gal], the sock knit up a little bigger than usual. This could of course be attributed to the lacy pattern….

I began these socks on 1st July and sewed the toes together on 1st August. Not bad considering I have also been knitting furiously on Vicky M Tempest and my French Market Bag. All in all, a job well done [yup, I’m gonna pat myself on the back. Hip, hip, hooray. Jolly good show old chap! Carry on and all that rot!].

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