Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love her Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!


There once was a Tempest from Knitty,
With stripes in colours so pretty,
The brown was boss
The green like moss
She's not finished yet; what a pity!

Despite not being finished yet, the good news is that the two front halves are done – blocked and all! Vicky M is looking awesome! I love her, and I love the blend of colours.

Yesterday I cast on the first sleeve. Normally I would knit two sleeves at once from two skeins of yarn. However, Vicky M has stripes, and I have to loosely carry the yarn not in use up one side. The thought of using four skeins evoked a strong sense of angst, so I decided to steer clear of an eminent tangled mess.

Here’s my progress photo:

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