Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Walking in a winter wonderland - that's what I was doing this morning in -1c. The snow was soft, dry and powdery - just beautiful. As much as I hate the winter, I love the first snow fall.

Let is snow!The Maples are so prettyPork Chop pond in the background
But, this wasn't really our first snow fall either - we had a storm a couple of weeks ago. That snow was heavy and wet and caused a lot of damage.

I checked all the ponds and they all seemed just fine. In order for fish to survive the winter freeze, a hole must be maintained in the ice. This allows for carbon dioxide to exit the pond, and air to enter it. So, I have an air pump in Oma's pond; a pond vent de-icer in Pork Chop pond, an ice free unit in Three Tier pond, and a heater in Mega pond.

So pretty...From the bridge over Mega Pond
Here some more pics of life in the freezer:

Sandi being cautious!Shelby isn't too sure about the cold!

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