Friday, May 30, 2008

Ha Ha! It's a Trifecta!

Jeez, three posts - and three days in a row. I've obviously got too much spare time [laughing]!

Yesterday I wrote that there are simply some things bigger than work, and guess what?? It's true again for tonight. When I finally sat down to do bookwork after dinner, I noticed two packages in my office. WOO HOO! One was unmistakenly yarn. And it didn't disappoint! Inside were four skeins of yumminess! Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino "Ireland", Araucania Ranco Multi, and two Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn "Foxy Lady". I got these from Pick Up Sticks right here in Ontario.

Fleece Artist Ireland

Araucania Ranco Multi

Cherry Tree Hill Foxy Lady

The other was oddly shaped and the address on it didn't mean too much either. But then I opened it and I REMEMBERED! I'd ordered a Turkish Drop Spindle [made in New Zealand] and as a special gift, I received a lovely bag of roving that's tagged as White Corriedale Cross!

I haven't done much spinning, but Jenny kindly showed me how it's done and gave me a Turkish Drop Spindle to learn on. She also gave me a bag of awesome Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester rovings!! She is THE BEST!

What a lovely surprise at the end of a hectic day!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've Got You Under My Skin...

I know, I know..... twice I'm blogging in as many days! Of course, I should be working [quick look over shoulder], BUT.....

...sometimes there are just some things bigger than silly old work. These things are sooooo BIG that they must be blogged about the moment the dust settles from the winder and swift! Ah ha! Now you get where I'm going with this - only my fellow yarnies are going to appreciate the absolute fabulousness of this post....

In yesterday's post I blogged a smidge about some awesome Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester that arrived in the mail from Colorsong Yarns. This yarn is for the Tempest sweater I'm about to cast on for [woo hoo].

Well, this morning I pulled out my ball winder and recently acquired birthday swift. I was so excited - first time using my swift. I adjusted the knobs, undid the skein, lined up the yarn and began winding. Oh my God!! OH MY GOD!!!! I am in love with my swift!! What an amazing difference a swift makes to winding skeins. Oh where have you been all my life you dear little swift [big mwah!]

Here are the cakes of yarn I wound in less than 5mins:

Fleece Artist BFL Moss

Fleece Artist BFL Moss (close-up)

Fleece Artist BFL Victoria

Fleece Artist BFL Victoria (close-up)

And although this has zero to do with my Tempest sweater, here's an update of my Son of Felted Bonza Bag:

Betta finish up and get back to work. Just had to share! Fleece Artist and swift.....almost as satisfying as chocolate!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh My How Time Flies...

Gosh I can't believe it's been a month since I last scribbled a few words on my blog. Work has been keeping me crazy busy - but I figure enough is ENOUGH! I deserve 30mins to doodle 'n stuff on my blog.....yeah, I do!

Where to start.....

Well, I finished my niece Karlia's Koifish Socks! Woo hoo! Her birthday is in two weeks, so I have to package up her gifts tonight! I also finished her Diagonal Lace Scarf.

I've been furiously knitting a child's frog jumper I'm donating as a prize for the under 3's colouring contest for Year of the Frog (a global campaign to help save amphibians from extinction). Yeah, I know it's kinda work related, but hey, it IS knitting! Currently I'm finishing the intarsia frogs on the front. I can honestly say that if any of you ever hear me say that I'll knit another intarsia sweater, you have the right to smack me up the head!!! Several times! [grumbling under breath...]

In between all that I've also been knitting my french market bag, although I haven't progressed very far on it at all. Jeez, what could be taking up all my spare time??

Then there was this great evening out - a roadtrip with the knitting gals to Shall We Knit. What an awesome night. Kat blogged all about it, so I'll just jump on her wagon, and simply show you photos of the treasures I bought[not that I needed more yarn either!]

Canadian Rovings Polwarth Wool

Sheldrige Farms Soft Touch Handpainted Ultra

Over the long weekend, the gals went on another roadtrip that I couldn't be part of [boo hoo], BUT they did bring me back some awesome rovings for spinning! I love, love, LOVE the rovings! Thanks K & N [mwah!] Both gals have blogged about the trip to Brier Run Alpaca Farm here and here.

yummy alpaca and silk rovings

Hmm....what else....oh yeah....I got a package in the post yesterday and it was my elitespun worsted weight yarn that I'd ordered at the Knitters Frolic in Toronto last month. I want to make the Isolde sweater (Twisted Sister's pattern in their Double Trouble book).

Elitespun Worsted


On Sunday, I had the BEST meal at Montana's Cookhouse! The restaurant only opened up 3 weeks ago on Fanshawe & Hyde Park Rds. Oh my God, the food is awesome! While waiting for the take-away, we shopped a little and got gifts for our triple trouble felines at home. I think they like their new pet beds [laughing].

Shelby (left) and Sandi

I know this post is getting really long, but a lot happens in a month! Finally though, I'd like to quickly note that I am embarking upon yet another knitting project (a group of us are knitting sweaters). I've decided to knit Tempest by Ann Weaver and published in Knitty Spring 2008. This pattern is gorgeous and the yarn called for is Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester 2/8. I ordered two skeins from Colorsong Yarns - Moss and Victoria - and can't wait til the package arrives!


And now I gotta stop! It's getting late. I know there's lots of other stuff that happened this last month - oh my, how time flies!