Sunday, February 1, 2009

Road Trip & Stashing

Despite the dreary, snowy weather yesterday, four brave souls (Kat, Laura, Kat's Mum and I) went on a road trip to the annual Shall We Knit SALE!

Kat did an awesome job safely chauffeuring us around yesterday (thank you, thank you!!) and Kat's Mum [we'll just call her Mum] gave us the wheels AND paid for the fuel (thank you, thank you!!).

The road trip itself was fairly uneventful except for the usual morons that have a license.

Shall We Knit was alive with people, and a bubbly Karen greeted us at the door. All four of us went in different directions - but it didn't matter in the end cos we all ended up with an armful of goodies (except for Mum)!

Here's a pic of my haul:

(front to back starting at the left: Lang JaWoll Silk sock yarn, Estelle Cadenza sock yarn, Louet top roving, row counter, and three back issues of Spin-Off in the background).

At the front right is a bag of roving. I'm going to use my new drop spindle to spin this lovely fibre into something glam [hehehe].

Yup, I got a lovely new drop spindle just before I went to Australia, and totally forgot to blog about the little darling.

I ordered my Turkish Drop Spindle from Jenkins Woodworking, Oregon, USA. It is an Asage Orange and weighs 1.8oz.

While I was in Australia, with my Dad's help, I sanded and varnished another Turkish Drop Spindle. I ordered this particular spindle from Ashford in New Zealand. The Ashford spindle came with a little sheet of sandpaper and required finishing.

Here are both my spindles. The Ashford is the assembled one.

And today I spent the better part of 3.5 hours doing stash inventory! I added 30 [$$#@!!!] more yarns to my Ravelry stash. There yarns were just last year's yarns that hadn't been added to the Rav database.

Righto, back to knitting - my Pacific Astoria waits for no woman!

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