Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dashing through my Stash

October is my December...hopefully minus the snow and ice!

My family lives 20,000 miles and 9 time zones "that way" [pointing south]. Despite a lack of carols, apple spice aroma, hyper shopping, Christmas lights, and everything else that goes along with the silly season, I still have to get myself in gear. My Christmas parcels need to be at the post office by 23rd November to ensure on-time delivery to Australia.

And there-in lies my motivational problem. It doesn't "feel" like Christmas in October - even though it's only 10 weeks away! And I'm soooo not in the mood for gift buying. Although it's true that I don't have to fight my way through massive crowds, or elbow some old lady who's picking up the last Kid Tough Digital Camera, the shelves aren't yet stocked with all the bright and shiny, shiny things not meant for little fingers.

So, instead I knit. And I have much to knit. My Mum and Dad would each like socks, my sister would like a scarf, my brother doesn't really appreciate the hand-knits, my sister-in-law would like socks, and then there's my three adorable little nieces.

Things have slowed down enough with the business that I have been able to sneak a little knitting time in during the day! And so my Christmas knitting is flying off the needles!

I've completed three beach bags for the nieces:

I've completed three sets of mittens for the nieces:

I've completed my sister's scarf:

That just leaves three pairs of socks to be completed in six weeks! Whoot!

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