Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh, What a Fibre Fix

My fibre senses were definitely tingling this week! Two fibre outtings in two days!

Friday, 16th October - I was invited to go to Creativfestival at the Toronto Convention Center, Queens Quay. The bus arrived right at opening time. We joined a long queue like I've never seen, and entered into a crafter's paradise! The place was packed to the rafters! Vendors displayed a huge range of quilting, scrapbooking, stamping, sewing, beading, stitching and knitting products.

Although a keen sewer, the booths I spent most of my time at were the fibre ones. The booths of particular interest to me were: Romni Wools, The Black Lamb, Knit Cafe, Purple Purl and Rowan Yarns.

Highlight of the festival? A funny story actually. As Glenda and I rounded the corner to the Romni booth, there was a gentleman sitting knitting at a tiny round table. I saw him and said: "good morning, how are you doing?". He didn't acknowledge me at all. Glenda remarked to me (in ear shot of him): "Do you know this man?". I replied equally loundly: "No, not personally". Then I looked at the table and saw his book. I exclaimed excitedly "Kaffe Fassette"! Finally he looked up at us both and announced very cooly: "I am here to sign books [pause]. That is all". And he returned to his knitting!

As we hurriedly shuffled onto Romni, Glenda remarked "What a rude man". I replied rather lamely "I don't like his stuff anyway". [laughing]. I've been snubbed by KF [laughing]. A celeb sighting I will surely remember.

From the festival we went to Romni Wools. What an awesome place. Unfortunately I only had 40mins there, but in that time my arms were loaded up with socks yarns for Christmas knitting and a wonderful book entitled "Arans and Celtics".

Saturday, 17th October - Road trip to Fleece Festival in Woodstock. What a fabulous day! Loads of vendors showcasing everything from raw fibre to knitted garments. The aroma in the fairgrounds was awesome - mmm...raw fibre.

I bought some great stuff - patterns, yarn and rovings! One booth interested me greatly - Auldcroft Angoras from Shelbourne. They had a new yarn they were promoting. Norbouillet yarn. Norbouillet are a new breed of sheep well suited to Ontario. Their coat is soft, long stapled, fine and uniform. Their fleece is blended with mohair to create a wonderful fibre that is lovely to knit with.

From the festival we headed off to Stratford and lunched with our dear friend. The weather, although a little cool, was perfect.

What a great day. Thanks girls!

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