Monday, December 14, 2009

Fern Fiddles

Despite finishing all my Christmas knitting [insert bitta self love and a good ol' pat on the back], my needles are full of other fun projects.

But before I share the good stuff, here are the completed Christmas knitting projects:

Never Smile at a Crocodile (this scarf is for a good friend's grand-daughter, Belle)

Naran Felted Mittens (these are for Nick)

Remember the Caramello Hilja Vest I wrote about earlier this month? Well, I'm almost finished it. The delay was an error in the pattern that I couldn't figure out. I wrote to the designer, but her reply left me more confused. So I wrote to a fellow Raveler who'd knit the pattern last year. Although Julia didn't knit her Hilja as per the pattern, she did help me figure out what the instructions meant. I would like to add here that the designer is Finnish, so the translated instructions were a little hard to follow.

I'm hoping to have the vest finished this week!

On a more drool-worthy note ... I have been lusting after the Fiddlehead Mittens (designer: Adrian Bizilia) since they hit Ravelry in 2008. Earlier this year I bought a kit for them that included the pattern and the yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts. While awaiting replies about my Hilja Vest, I cast them on.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pattern. The yarn is lovely. The colours are lovely. This is super addictive. I've completed one mitten; it's blocked and drying nicely. I'm going to start the lining tonight ... yes, whilst finishing my Hilja Vest [laughing]. Did I mention they are addictive.

Fern Fiddles

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