Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

Although not as cold as in other parts of Canada, it's still cold outside!  Only four more days of the store being open and then....

I don't have to go OUTSIDE anymore [laughing] well, not until 1st March 2010!  Woo hoo!  Holidays are nearly here.

Quite honestly, I shouldn't complain about the cold.  At least I'm not a fish!

Three Tier Pond

You might remember in my last post that I wrote about my Caramello Hilja Vest - the project had been stalled due to a pattern error.  Well I'm now delighted to post pictures of the finished project!  It's a great fit, and a really nice little pattern.

Caramello Hilja

Caramello Hilja

I also got around to knitting the lining of my Fiddlehead Mittens.  These mittens are super warm since there are basically three layers of fabric (two for the fairisle, and one for the lining).  Tonight I will cast on the second mitten.  The Tanis Fiber Arts DK (which incidentally looks more like sport weight to me) is very soft and a pleasure to knit with.

Lined Fiddleheads

Today I was swatching for my next sweater project:  Rogue by Jenna Wilson.  There are 1,040 Ravelry projects for this hooded sweater!  Not bad when you do the math at $USD6 per pattern.  There is a kangaroo style pocket pouch on the front of this sweater, but I don't think I'll knit that.  I can't imagine putting my hands in the pouch and risking stretching the sweater.

The yarn I got for this project is Cornelia Hamilton's Heaven's Hand Wool Classic in the chocolate colourway.  I ordered this yarn online, and the colour was darker in person than on my monitor.  So I'm a little disappointed about that.  There is some very pretty celtic cabling in this sweater pattern, and now I'm wondering whether the cables will get lost in the depth of the brown.  What do you guys think?