Friday, January 8, 2010

Cosmic Ramblings

I read my horoscope today. It’s not something I read often, nor place great faith in. But, when I feel like there are cosmic forces at work in my life, I like to study my daily forecast to see what the divine astrological gurus have to say.

I am a Pisces (two fishes tied to one another and swimming in opposite directions). My ruling planet is Neptune; my element is water; my birthstone is aquamarine, my special colours are turquoise and green, and my special plants are water lilies, lotus and jonquils. According to astrologists, my most likeable traits are compassion, sensitivity and spirituality.

I HAVE TO SAY THAT THIS IS TOTALLY ME.  I can't profess to know anything much about Neptune (other than it's the 8th planet), but the rest is totally spot on.

So, today’s horoscope reads:

"There's been countless times when you've come face to face with this particular problem, and each time you tend to make the same mistake. Consequently, you might do yourself a favour by listening to someone who has been in this situation before you, and open your mind to alternative approaches."


Here’s what lead me to consult with my horoscope. During the last few days:
  • I found $20 on the street.
  • 1 found $10 in the pocket of my winter coat that I hadn’t worn since last year.
  • 1 found $10 in my mitten knitting book – used it as a bookmark at least a year ago.
  • 1 got the bill for electrical work that came in $2,000 under what I’d been quoted, and it seemed they did a lot more work!
  • I sold two items in my Etsy store today after having sold nothing for almost a year.
Yes, this all sounds brilliant, and I should be happy.  But it’s not normal. I’m not lucky, not lucky at all.

And then there are my dreams. Vivid. Strange. Unsettling. I can’t remember them all. The last three nights though, my father dyed in one.  In another, I was on a bus trip, the bus broke down, but I couldn’t get off the bus like everyone else.  And last night I was hiding under the bleechers on a beach and a tidal wave crashed on top of me!  I was holding my breath, but ran out of breath!

Something's up.  Good fortune on one hand, and feelings of entrapment/turmoil/fear on the other.  Weird.

If Carl Jung was here, he'd probably emphasize the importance of balance and harmony in my life.

Hmmmm.....I'm going to go do some knitting now.  I don't think it'll help with my cosmic strife, but it couldn't hurt!

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