Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Told a Lie

Yeah, I told a wee lie in my last post [smack, smack and three Hail Marys].  I wrote that after I finished knitting the Blackforest Hilja Vest, I'd be casting on a double-knit scarf.

Therein lies the lie!

Since I mostly knit in front of the TV, and double knitting requires concentration and looking at what you're doing, I decided the scarf would have to wait.

Besides, I'm crook.  Real crook.  Grumble....grumble.....  Landed myself a fabulous bout of the flu.  It started on Friday with the sore throat from HELL.  By Sunday, my voice was gone!  I know it's hard to imagine ME quiet.  And it was damn hard not speaking for two full days!  Bloody hell!

And now it's Monday.  I still feel yucky, but the sore throat is tolerable, the voice - although deep and husky - is also back.  BUT now I've started the coughing (reads "bad night's sleep").

So since I've been unable to do much of anything, I've been knitting.  I needed fairly mindless projects since my feverish condition rendered my concentration quite useless.  Amen to the Turner Classic Movie channel!

Blackforest Hilja was finished on Friday:



And so, on Saturday I cast on for another hoodie.  This one is called Rogue, by Jenna Wilson.  Not only is Rogue in my queue, but the yarn was in my stash!  (long live NYE resolutions!).

I'm knitting Rogue with Cornelia Hamilton Heaven's Hand Wool Classic yarn .  It's a worsted weight, variegated yarn in chocolate and dark chocolate brown.  I actually love the yarn and the colour, but I'm glad this project is very light on the cabling because the cables are lost in the darkness of the browns.  I figured they would be.

No matter - Rogue is a good TV project during my hiatus from work!

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