Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Been a While

Sometimes when I blink, I swear that more than a moment passes.  Seems like the last six weeks have been nothing more than a wrinkle in time.

Not that I haven't been busy - it's the opposite actually.
  • I made it through the Olympics - knitting furiously, but not finishing my Rogue Hoodie.
  • I wrote and desktop published a 56 page colour catalogue for our business.
  • I built a new website for the business.
  • I bought new software for the business sales computer and entered 700 inventory items (each with 15 fields!).
  • I interviewed 20 job applicants and selected two additional staff to the four I already have.
  • I ordered a whole load of stock for the business.
  • I had a birthday - lovely day.
  • I knit my niece a vest.
  • I knit a baby jacket for my NIL's (niece in law) baby shower.
  • And I wrote and desktop published a spring newsletter.
So here are some photos of my knitting:

Little Vesta for Jaycee Mae

Gattsbaby Sweater

P.S.  Since the photo I fixed the alignment problem on the baby jacket.

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