Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm So Blue

I'm so blue.

Well, no.  Blue is such a nice colour.  I feel more like gray.  Even worse...black.

Yes. I feel black... and red.  Red cos I'm mad too.

I'm sitting here in my little Ontario house, wallowing in significant amounts of self pity.

I'm SICK.  Really awfully sick.  So sick in fact, that instead of being in Australia, I'm still here in Canada.  I had to re-arrange my entire travel itinerary - it took a long time to sort it all out, and it cost me a lot of money.

Tuesday, 6th Dec:  wake up in the night with a sore throat!  Gasp!  I had a cold a month ago.  I had two cold sores three weeks ago.  I had my flu shot two weeks ago! I thought I was good getting all the nasties out of the way before my trip home.

Wednesday, 7th Dec:  bad sore throat, sinus headache, sneezing, runny nose.  I send forth my army of ONE to buy as many cold/flu drugs as possible.  Make lots of lemon and honey tea.  Eat lots of garlic.

Thursday, 8th Dec:  much of day in bed.  In the evening I had to teach a knitting class, so dragged myself there.  Actually felt better by 8:30pm.

Friday, 9th Dec:  not feeling too bad.  Went to work for the day.

Saturday 10th Dec:  oh dear Lord.  So congested, I could hardly breathe.  Terrible sore throat and massive ear ache.  Go to doctor.  Prognosis:  severe throat and ear infections.  Anti-biotics, ear drops, sleeping tablets, cold and flu tablets, lozengers, and $160 later....

Sunday, 11th Dec:  cancel attendance at Chrissie party.  Much of day in bed.

Monday, 12th Dec:  phone doctor with new symptom - blocked ear.  Should be flying to Australia today....NOT!  Swollen ear drum = no flying.  Bugger and many, many other highly decorative superlatives.  Grounded.

Spend three hours on the phone re-organising trip to Australia.  $500 later.....[ugh].  New pills - antihistamine for swelling ear drum.

Tuesday, 13th Dec:  much of day in bed.  Sore throat gone.  Replaced with a nose blow per tissue!  Not to mention two new cold sores!  Will this nightmare ever end?

Wednesday, 14th Dec:  due to fly out of London at 3:40pm.  Hope I'm feeling better.....

Recognise my symptoms.  Commit them to memory.  This is a nasty little virus affecting many, many people in the community.

Now - back to my wallowing.........

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