Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend with a Harlot

A Yarn Harlot that is.....none other than the fabulous Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Profuse apologies for the tardiness of this blog post.  Stephanie was invited by Cotton-by-Post to London, Ontario for a book signing and two classes last weekend (20th - 22nd January, 2012).  And I'm so slack that I don't get around to blogging about it until today!


I attended all three days.  Friday night was the seminar and book signing.  I own four of her books and she happily signed them all!  Whoot!!

The 6 hour workshops on Saturday and Sunday were intense, exhausting and totally amazing!  Saturday's workshop was entitled "Knitting for Speed and Efficiency".  Sunday's workshop was entitled "Liking Lace".

I took copious notes at both workshops.  Knitting for Speed and Efficiency introduced the class to "lever knitting".  I wrote a blog post in October, 2011 about this technique here.  I'm doing my best to learn this technique so I can knit comfortably with the yarn tensioned in either my left hand or in my right hand.  Lever knitting tensions yarn in the right hand, but since I'm a "picker", I learned to tension yarn in my left hand.

Liking Lace introduced the class to lace; the history, the traditions, the different kinds of lace, determining good and bad lace yarn, and knitting lace.  Stephanie even passed around some of her beloved stash for us to pet!  She also showed us many of her beautiful shawls.

Now for the photos:
Book signing
Saturday class
Demonstration of Norwegian Purling
Demonstration of Norwegian Purling

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