Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Socks on Two Circs Revisited

Yahoo! My Tickled Pink Tootsies for Jaycee Mae are finished!

The hold-up was that I had to get confirmation of my adorable little niece's foot size. She's going to be 3 years old in less than a month, and can you believe that this little bundle of determination sweetness has a foot length of almost 6.5ins??? She is a big girl though....her sister is going to be 5 years old in three months, and she has a foot length of 8ins!!! No way! That's insane! Jeez, my foot is only a hair over 9ins long...... [Yah, confirms my belief that they breed 'em BIG in Australia]...

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I would knit two socks on two circs again, but the one change I'd make is to get two different coloured circulars!