Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Everyone hates getting old, and what better way to rub salt into the wound, but to have a birthday!

Despite the age thing, I had a super birthday yesterday. My day started with the obligatory phone call from Mum - it's always nice to hear her sing the birthday song with such passion [hehehe...].

Then I went shopping and got some yarn from Michaels. Call me stupid, but I'm going to knit another Bonza Felted Bag for Mum for Mothers Day. Let's hope I don't bugger this one!

After my yarn shopping, I indugled at the hairdresser and got that bothersome salt n peppa whisked away. The de-hairing didn't stop there....I did the spring-time thing and got my legs waxed too.

Following all that pampering, I went shopping again and this time I got a great new leather bag and a new leather purse! Happy birthday to meeeee!

Later in the evening I had dinner at a great new restaurant in town, Milestones. Dinner was awesome, and the waiter even brought out a birthday cheese cake for me!

When I got home, there was a chocolate cake waiting for me together with umpty bars of cadbury chocolate from friends and family. How did they know???

Then I opened gifts from my family. One of my precious nieces, Karlia (5yrs in June) drew a beautiful picture of me. It's absolutely adorable! The likeness is uncanny. I'm forever immortalsed in purple pencil:

AND there was this supercalifragilistic expialidocious gift:

NOT A BAD BIRTHDAY AT ALL! What a shame I have to get older to get all this good stuff!

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