Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tempest Swatch

Just a super speedy micro mini post to show off my beautiful little swatch for Weaverknits' Tempest cardigan featured in Knitty Spring 2008.

Ann with Tempest

As you've probably read in last week's posts, I am going to knit Tempest in Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester 2/8, colourways: Moss and Victoria.

Moss (lime green/olive tones) is pictured above in Ann's photo together with Sea Storm (blue/green tones). Victoria is pictured below in my swatch.

I used 4mm needles (as suggested) and my tension is perfect! Woo hoo! You can't believe how soft this swatch is and how light! It is so bewdifool!

Unfortunately my swatch was finished before I hit the olives/green tones, but believe me, there is green in that thar cake I made!

See? I can't wait to actually cast on! As soon as I finish my little poop sweetie of a frog sweater (for Year of the Frog) I'll start Tempest!

I am in love....AGAIN....and this time with yarn!

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