Thursday, September 18, 2008

She’s got the Whole World in her Hands

Once in a while I buy or make something for me that shouts out to the world “look at me; I’m totally awesome”. C’mon, you guys know what I mean….

Like when I got my first job and bought my first new pair of jeans. I’d broken the mould – no more was I second-hand Rose – now I was one of the “cool kids”. I rocked. I had THE look! People pointed at me and said “she’s the woman”…..well, OK, I was NEVER that cool. Usually they just pointed at me and giggled….

Memory lane aside, yesterday was MY day of smugness. Enormous smugness. I done good; real good….and woke up this morning with the same silly grin on my face.

I FINISHED VICKY M!!! Knitted, blocked, sewn and buttoned!

If I didn’t want to wear her soooooo much, I’d probably frame her. Crikey, she is one spunky shiela.....the sweater I mean!

She didn’t come without her share of baggage though. We had issues that we thankfully worked through in a very calm and positive manner [heh!]. For instance, I didn’t understand HER need for me to pick up 200 odd stitches around the cast-on edges of the cardigan to knit a facing. HER idea was that I should knit stockinet for four rows, transfer the live stitches to scrap yarn, fold the hem facing to the inside and sew the live stitches in place. MY counter argument was that I didn’t understand why I couldn’t have simply done a provisional cast-on for the back and front pieces, and knitted an extra four rows before starting the actual cardigan.

Then, SHE wanted ½ inch glass buttons…..14 of them to be precise. She drove me all over the place looking for these darn buttons; that incidentally did not exist in any store in any quantity. SHE even had me spend hours and hours on the internet to search for the perfect buttons. Well, thank goodness I found some lovely buttons at the last store I visited [that were not glass at all!]. She was not altogether thrilled with MY choice, but I assured her that resistance was futile.

Despite our differences, we pulled off the coo of the week. Vicky M not only has form, but she ROCKS!

Double SQUEAL!

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