Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I did it! All my Fall Fair knitting projects are complete. I finished them with a night to spare, and just as well, because this evening a friend phoned and asked me out to dinner. And that almost always means a late night.

So, last night's marathon of knitting produced a completed preemie set - hat and blankie. Following the Fair, these items will be donated to the Childrens' Hospital of Southwestern Ontario.

Earlier in the week I finished the Newfoundland Mitts and a toque - these items will be donated to the Women's Rural Resource Center.

This year I have 13 items to enter into the baking and handcraft divisions; 8 knitted items, and 5 baking entries. Tomorrow is my "Fair baking day". Everybody knows to get the hell out of my kitchen and out of my way that day [laughing]. I have to bake five items and get them to the fair grounds by 9pm the same day.

Judging starts on the Friday, and the Fair closes at 5pm on Sunday 28th September. I will blog again on Sunday to let you all know how I did and what ribbons, if any, will adorn my house!

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