Sunday, October 26, 2008

$6M Spinner

This blank page is just staring out at me...mocking me. I've got ... nothing. Even the title was an effort. I really don't feel like blogging. The creative juices have hardened, and as the weather cools down, I find that I'm weary.

Hmm....maybe I'm just getting ready for hibernation. If only! Mmmm.......sleep....sleep is good.

NO! No sleep. Time to type. I want to tell you guys all about a one day workshop I attended with Kathryn. It was a Hands On Tips & Techniques (HOTT) workshop. We were supposed to attend four one hour classes, but we got somewhat sidetracked by the Navajo plying and spinning class and spent two hours at that instead. Oops!

The workshop I most enjoyed was Learning to Spin using a Drop Spindle. It was great. Janice did a fabulous job in leading the workshop. I'd spun a teensy, eensy tiny bit before having been show how to by Jenny.

Janice distributed 1 oz of Corriedale Roving to all workshop participants and proceeded to show us how drop spingling is done. Not quite as easy as it looks!! Patience my young spinner...

So, when I got home I continued to spin, and spin, and spin, and spin.

Damn! Another addiction! I love it!

This morning I finished my spinning. Here's the single ply yarn in a center pull ball.

And here's my spunky little 2ply skein of loveliness:

I don't know how many yards I spun. It felt like a million, but it was.....20 maybe.... What I DO know is that it took a long time to get my spunky little skein! Thank goodness nobody has to pay me per hour for it!! This is my $6million skein!

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