Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Ready for the White Stuff

Well, not really.  I'm never "ready" for the white stuff!  It's pretty though around Christmas time when all the houses are decorated with lights.

Trouble is that the white stuff brings with it the kind of cccc...old that chills me to the bone.  And having poor circulation [thanks Mum] means that the extremities suffer - ears, nose, hands and feet.

By far the worst problem is my feet.  Thank goodness I'm not six feet tall!  No matter what I do, I have cold feet.  And once my feet are cold, that's the end of me.....I'm frozen.  I own all the proper winter attire to combat cold feet, but none of them work as well for me as my heated "slippies".  Mmm....heated slippies....

In an attempt to keep my hands warm this year, I just finished knitting myself a pair of mittens.  These are no ordinary mittens.  I've basically taken two alpacas, stuffed one into each mitten and called them "Thrummed Mittens".

Soft doesn't even begin to describe these babies.  I just want to cuddle them all day!

I bought the alpaca yarn and 4oz of alpaca fleece at the Woodstock Fleece Festival in October this year.  I dyed the fleece with Kool Aid using Strawberry, Cherry and Grape.  Since there was so much fleece, I decided to use my Turkish Drop Spindle to make about 25 yards of yarn to knit into the cuffs.

Voila, I present to you:  Alpaca Yum Thrum Mittens:

Sandi is undecided about my Alpaca Yum Thrum Mittens

Finished Alpaca Yum Thrum Mittens

Inside my Alpaca Yum Thrum Mittens

You people may laugh, but my hands are gonna be warmer than warm....they're gonna sweat by crikey!  LOL!

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