Thursday, September 8, 2011

London International Quilt Festival - The Quilts of Hawaii

The London International Quilt Festival is a one week event which takes place every August at the London Convention Centre, 300 York Street, London, Ontario.

The Festival focuses on bringing the culture and history of different countries/regions of the world to London.  This is achieved by having, not only quilts and fibre art from the visiting country, but also the artists who create some of the quilts.

Each year the workshops offered reflect the artists' concept of their country in fabrics, embellishments and techniques.

This year the quilt show celebrated "The Quilts of Hawaii".  There were over 125 Hawaiian quilts on exhibit.  Local quilts and fibre art were on display as well.

My part in this show was to set up and look after the Cotton By Post fibre and yarn booth.

The event was simply amazing.  I'll let the photos below tell the story.

Cotton By Post Yarn Booth

Close up of the Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden display

Amazing huh?  Next year promises to be even better with the theme being "Canadian"!

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